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At Speaker Nation, we believe you’re really just one well-delivered talk away from your next big opportunity. 

Our goal is to help you get crystal clear on your message, discover the power of your voice and gain the skills you need to create and deliver a talk so great, it simply can not be ignored by your audience.

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The One Talk Workshop is an online 3-day live speaker training, specifically designed to help you create a signature talk that can cut through the noise and inspire any audience, at any time, in any situation. This live workshop with Eric Edmeades will help you realise the value of your stories, set yourself apart from the crowd, become a leader in your field and open doors of opportunity you never knew existed. All in just 3 days.

What Speaker Nation is About

Speaker nation is a community where members can practice public speaking and presentation skills in a safe environment. 

Rather than giving you the typical speaking tips that end up as stiff presentations, we’re on a mission to help you express yourself fully on stage and be skilled and confident enough to take the mic in any situation at a moment’s notice.

The information you will find here are based on Eric Edmeades’ experience as a world-class speaker with over 10,000 hours of stage-time with some of the most respected speakers.

Communication is the key to most everything you desire, and if you implement the tools and tactics we’ll be giving you, we know it will leap you forward to a life of new possibilities.

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If you have a message inside you that needs to be heard—a passionate desire to share your knowledge and stories with the world—this mastermind is for you.

Through a supportive community, frequent practice sessions, weekly speaking challenges and ready-to-use resources, you can shortcut your learning learning curve and become a world-class speaker in record time.

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