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Learn the art of public speaking from the best in the world.


Standing on a world-class stage. Spotlights on you. HUNDREDS, maybe even THOUSANDS of people on the edge of their seats, excited, hanging on every word you’re saying.

You FEEL the thrill of excitement rushing through your veins, yet you are totally calm, confident and in control.

After some time laughing, engaging and connecting with the audience, you end your speech PERFECTLY… Just in time to receive thunderous cheers and a standing ovation from the audience. You are absolutely thrilled, and all you can think is “How on earth did I get so comfortable on stage?’’

This CAN be your reality…  And it’s our mission to make sure it WILL be!


You might have already tried a local speaking club, some online course, maybe you’ve even hired a coach to help with your presentation skills.

If so, that’s great!

But if, after those initiatives, you still:

Then it’s time to take another route.

The shortcoming of typical speaking clubs, courses or mentors is that they either don’t always have enough experience themselves OR (worst of all) they don’t offer you enough opportunities to actually SPEAK and PRACTICE!

Isn’t that strange? Many courses and teachers will give you some TOOLS and the THEORY, but won’t actually provide you with a stage to practice it on.

At Speaker Nation you will find proven, no nonsense tips for elevating your communication skills and join a supportive community that WANTS you to share your story and take the stage.

Meet Our Founder

Our founder, Eric Edmeades, has not only lived at the pinnacle of what successful public speaking has to offer, he is also one of those rare people who knows how to teach his skills and transfer them to almost anyone.

After systematically eliminating his fear of public speaking, Eric has become a highly sought-after main stage speaker, with over 10,000 hours of stage, sharing the stage with such speakers as Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, President Bill Clinton, and Robert Kiyosaki. 

All teachings you will find at Speaker Nation will be based on his incredibly rich experience as a successful public speaker.

Eric is proof of that everything you desire really is on the other side of communication. Once you discover the power of your voice, you will find a world of opportunities opens up to you in ways you never imagined.


After selling his company in Eric’s early business days, he started teaching business training. People who attended his Business Freedom events were so impressed with his speaking abilities that Eric was asked to do a bonus session on speaking. 

That bonus session planted the seed for his 5-day Speaking Academy and people loved it!

Since 2014, Eric and his team have led scores of people from dozens of countries through his proven speaking process, helping people transform and find their voices.

Today Eric has helped thousands of people through webinars, online training, and live speaker events.

But even though hundreds of people transformed through these events, something was missing.

Eric and his team realised it’s challenging to find the right experienced group of people to practice with.

So in order to give people a safe place to learn AND practice the powerful art of public speaking, Speaker Nation was born.

We believe if people like you could share their voice a little bit more clearly, we’d all live a healthier life, have closer relationships, stronger companies, more fun overall. Today we are more connected than ever, which means the time has come for you to share your story.

Will you join us and make an impact with your voice?

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