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Becoming A Club Leader...
What does that mean?

Become part of a communication committee designed to help inspire, impact, and influence budding public speakers

Our Club Leaders live and breathe what it means to be a Speaker Nation Ambassador. (Not literally, but you get what we mean). It is their passion to help Club members grow, evolve, and become better, stronger speakers overall. The success of the overall Speaker Nation Club depends on our Leaders being present, supportive, and hands-on.

This commitment is a big responsibility, as the successful Leaders will be taking on what basically becomes a side business. Experience in the public speaking sector is a bonus, as pulling from personal experiences can often help to put a more lifelike spin on learning.

You dove into the world of public speaking for a reason:

…the list goes on.

Now it’s your turn to share your carefully crafted skill set with people from around the globe who are stepping into the public speaking arena for the first time.

It’s your dedicated guidance and experience that will lead them on their path to success.

Speaker Nation founder Eric Edmeades is a firm believer in teaching what you practice, for it is one of the most effective ways to grow and hone your own craft, all while inspiring others to do the same.

This is the perfect opportunity to do exactly that – stand up and speak out by sharing your experience and expertise with a group of individuals ready to learn and grow alongside you.

As one of our esteemed Speaker Nation Club leaders, your responsibilities would include:

Ready to apply?

Remember, this is your chance to play a major role in helping to support, shape, motivate and guide people who dream of becoming a powerful presenter, just like you.

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