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The world has been waiting, and the time has finally come! Speaker Nation is THRILLED to announce the relaunch of our Mentorship Program. We never stopped supporting our community during COVID, offering free access to our weekly practice calls on Zoom. And now, we’re back and better than ever with an upgraded membership that promises to take your speaking skills to new heights!

Learn to Speak Up Now, Have Your Voice Heard Forever

Dive into proven trainings designed to elevate your impact in every area of life, starting today!

Whether you dream of standing in front of an audience while sharing your message from stage, or hope to heighten your communication skills so you nail your next boardroom presentation, becoming more confident and comfortable with public speaking is bound to bring you success.

If you’re the dreamer who hopes to present to an auditorium full of people one day, take this into account…

In 2019, the ‘motivational speaking’ industry was worth $1.9 billion dollars and is projected to reach $2.5 billion by 2025. The average professional speaker reports an annual income of $106,000 from speaking and an additional income of $125,000 from back-end offerings including online courses and consulting. It’s your turn to get a piece of the pie in the public speaking industry.

And if you’re the entrepreneur who hopes to land their next sales pitch by driving home their message and mission, consider this…

When human beings hear facts, it activates the data processing centers in our brains, but when we hear stories, it activates the sensory centers in our brains. This is exactly why it’s scientifically proven that humans are naturally entertained and educated by storytelling. When you share a well-told story, you’re bringing your audience along with you; as if they’re right there in the story. What better way to nail a sale? Stories sell. It’s time to tell yours.

Get ready to embark on a transformative journey where you’ll learn from the best, grow with an inspiring community, and elevate your speaking game like never before!

🚀 Free access to the online Practice Club over Zoom

🚀 1-hour exclusive training each month with industry legends Eric Edmeades or David TS Wood, covering a wide range of speaking topics

🚀 Invigorating quarterly workshops with Eric, David, or special guest experts, sharing priceless tips and insights to elevate your talk

🚀 A weekly email packed with invaluable tips for creating and delivering your One Talk

🚀 Priority access to Eric’s upcoming book “Unforgettable: Being One Talk Away,” a must-read for every aspiring speaker

🚀 Exclusive members-only rates for all Speaker Nation events

🚀 Unlimited access to the Successful Speaking Strategies digital program

🚀 First dibs on new recorded content as it’s released

🚀 BONUS: A comprehensive workshop on creating your speaking kits and optimizing your outreach for speaking gigs

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Platinum Membership

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Become a Member now: $299/month

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. The world is waiting for your unforgettable voice. Join the Speaker Nation Membership Program NOW and unlock your true speaking potential!

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