Be heard in a noisy world

If you have a message inside you that needs to be heard—a passionate desire to share your knowledge and stories with the world—this mastermind is for you.

Being the loudest voice in the crowd used to be enough to get noticed, but in the modern world you need more. Today, there are millions of loud voices screaming for attention and new “thought leaders” seem to pop up overnight. So how can your message be heard through the noise?

All speakers who seem to have “made it” have cracked the code, and if you look closely, it all comes down to the following:
You need laser-focused clarity around your message, a network of people who can help you promote that message, and most importantly, the ability to deliver your message in a compelling way that makes people WANT to hear what you have to say.

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The Speaker Nation Mastermind is a group of elite speakers from around the world who come together to support each other and help develop the skills they need to make sure their voice is heard every time they speak.


Your expertise doesn’t seem to matter at all

Chances are you’ve sat through your fair share of conferences and webinars. 

You’ve listened to people who looked and sounded like experts, and you’ve probably noticed it’s not always their knowledge or experience that got them on the stage. 

Have you ever wondered why they are the ones in the spotlight and you’re one of the heads in the audience? 

Often, the problem isn’t your message, or even the delivery of your message. It’s something much more subtle and if you don’t address it, it truly might feel like...

It’s you against the world!

That’s not actually true, but if you’re an expert in your field, a coach or entrepreneur with an important message to share, it sure feels like that sometimes.

The world is changing fast and marketing techniques develop even faster. If you’re on a mission to make an impact with your ideas, it’s easy to get trapped in the overwhelm of new tactics and tools.

How can you find time to keep up with it all without being overwhelmed and frustrated?

The Key is in the Community

Gone are the days where you can forge a path to success alone. To really get your voice heard, you need the support of a strong community.

Those who go at it alone often have short-lived careers before they burn out, but those who build their speaking careers with the support of a great community will experience true power.

Imagine being surrounded by a community of people just like you. Entrepreneurs, visionaries, changemakers… The kind of people who want to make a difference in the world with their message.

Imagine how much easier it would be to get your message out to the world

if you were part of a mastermind of like-minded people giving you:

Story Journalling

A fast, easy way to capture, store and organize the stories from your life so you are always able to give a fantastic talk on just a moment’s notice.

The Stage Effect

How to make the most effective use of the stage to maximize the impact of your talks.

Social Media for Speakers

How to maximize your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media to make sure you get your message out to the right people even in between your speaking engagements.

How to get FREE P.R

How to leverage things like blog posts, articles, podcast interviews and other content to get other people to promote your message for FREE!

How to do a TEDx Talk

How to properly create and pitch a talk you want to give from a TEDx state.

Business Freedom for Speakers

How to structure and build your speaking business so it doesn’t take over your whole life, leaving you free to focus on what’s most important: sharing your message.

Mindset for Speaker Success

How to manage your mindset to ensure success as a speaker.

Marketing Yourself as a Speaker

How to get crystal clear and laser focused about your message so you can be most effective in your marketing.

Your Online Presence

How to build a great speaker’s webpage and electronic press kit.

Providing Value During Uncertain Times

How to show up and deliver consistent value to your audience even when you are uncertain about the future.

Book Writing

How to quickly and easily outline your next book in under 1 hour!

Ask Me Anything

Open Q&A calls about speaking, the speaking business, the lifestyle of a speaker and all kinds of other topics with Eric Edmeades and other high level speakers.

Our catalog of past calls gets deeper every single month, and as a Speaking Nation Mastermind member you get access to ALL our past training calls for the lifetime of your membership!

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Being a powerful communicator opens up opportunities in your life you can’t even imagine.  What would it be worth: To have the perfect investor pitch ready at any given moment? To be able to touch the hearts and minds of thousands of people with one talk or one video? To be the person everyone gathers around at parties or networking events just to hear you tell another amazing story? To have access to an international network of other speakers who can connect you with your dream speaking engagements? 

All of this and so much more is possible with years of practice, but being an active member of a community like the Speaking Nation Mastermind accelerates the process dramatically.  

Warren Buffett once said public speaking as a skill could boost a person’s value by 50%. What could that do for your earning potential?


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