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Why Speaking Will Make You a Better Leader

5 ways public speaking will help you become more a attractive, trusted and powerful leader In this blog post, you’ll discover the steps you can implement in order to become a stronger, more influential leader in any industry.  Let’s step

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Zoom Fatigue: What It Is and How to Avoid It

Does Zoom Fatigue have your audience snoozing, or is it you? We’re breaking down the habits you need to avoid if you want to keep any virtual audience engaged. With the recent influx of virtual meetings and presentations taking place

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The Steps to Increasing Influence

In this article you’ll discover the concepts Speaker Nation implements in order to achieve true influence.   One of the fastest-growing ”career goals” in the modern world right now might not come as a surprise to you: becoming a social

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How To Land A TEDx Talk

In this blog post, you’ll discover tips and tricks for a TEDx Talk, from how to fill out your application, to what to consider when you’re developing and delivering your talk.   The TED Team says it best: “TED is

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10 Ways to Engage Your Audience

In this blog post, you’ll discover all the different ways you can incorporate engagement into your talk so your audience hangs on every word you say.   Have you ever sat in an audience listening to a speaker who obviously

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Appeal to Any Audience in 5 Easy Steps

Use these Speaker Nation methods to create Broad Spectrum Appeal in your next talk.  Do you know what one of the most important concepts in all of public speaking is?   It’s not memorizing your talk. It’s not owning the stage

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5 Ways to Ensure Your Talk Is A Good One

Simple steps to creating an effective talk One of the most valuable things you can do as a speaker to improve your skills is to watch other speakers talk (a lot of other speakers). Not just for enjoyment, but to

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Nail Any Presentation In 5 Simple Steps

In this blog post, you’ll receive 5 key takeaways that will help make your presentation a memorable one. Have you ever had this experience: You’re sitting through a painfully long and boring presentation, and when you finally get to the

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The TED Talk Formula

The 7 Hidden Hints Behind A Successful TED Talk We analyzed the 25 most popular TED Talks, and this is what we found. When you really pay attention, you start to see that success has a way of leaving behind

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