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In just 5 days you will learn how Eric Edmeades and his team created online programs that have impacted the lives of over 100,000 people in over 130 countries.

Get the exact frame-work Eric and his team use.
Create your own transformational product.
Make your business THRIVE online.

The Product Creation Bootcamp is cancelled until further notice.

If you're a ticketholder, please contact or to request a refund.
Please contact for any questions.

If you found yourself exhausted and frustrated after long days of work, thinking you should be able to somehow do more with your day. You’re not alone.

As an entrepreneur, coach, consultant or service provider, there are only so many clients you can help, and therefore also, only so much impact you can make if you stick to old methods.

If you’re looking to scale your business and make a big impact on society, you can’t trade your hours for dollars forever. You’ll have to find a way to provide value to your clients without you having to be there physically.

An online course will do that for you. Instead of explaining the same thing over and over to a handful of clients, an online course will give you the chance to record your best teachings and share it with hundreds at once.

Imagine what it would be like to wake up every single morning with praising messages flooding your inbox about your programs. Partnership requests, business opportunities and the numbers in your bank account keep piling up without you having to actively run after  every person that experiences your course.

That is what Eric Edmeades experienced after his great successes with multiple world-class programs such as WildFit, Business Freedom 365 and his extremely popular speaking programs.

Having created multiple online products, he realised there’s a formula to his seemingly endless course-success.

And now, for the first time EVER, he has distilled his method into the Product Creation Bootcamp so you can take his recipe, apply it to your products and make your business thrive online (Even in “saturated” markets).

Reach A Larger Audience At One Time

You could reach and help 1000's of people at once without ever having to meet these people in real life.

Enjoy Additional Revenue Streams

For many businesses, this is one of the most cost-effective ways to earn residual income.

Create it once, generate income for years

Online courses have very high profit margins. Create it once and earn an income for years.

Get crystal clear on your message

Creating an online course forces you to think deeply about your content, which will allow you to continue to grow and serve your audience.

Establish credibility with new clients and partners

Just like a book, an online course demonstrates you have knowledge to share about your field which makes people pay more attention to you.

You Want To Scale Your Impact And Reach More People With Your Services

You're Looking to Establish Yourself as a Leader In Your Field

You're Ready to Bring Your Expertise to The Mainstream

You're Done Playing Small And Want to Maximize your Revenue

You've Tried Creating A Course but were Overwhelmed By The Process


...Product Creation Bootcamp
is the solution you need!



Product Creation Bootcamp
In this 5-day LIVE bootcamp with Eric Edmeades taking place February 18-22, 2021 you’ll discover:

The key components of any transformative product. (And how to apply them to your program or product)

The proven formula behind the success of WildFit (And how to duplicate it)

How to construct a course that keeps clients engaged and delivers on your promises

How to choose the right stories and exercises for your process and products

The most successful types of programs and which type is right for your business

The easy way to outline your winning curriculum (walk away with a written curriculum)

How to choose the right technical structure for your deployment (Even if you’re not tech-savvy at all)

How to set up your studio space for filming, with sound and lighting

How to price and package your product and offer for optimal results

How to properly title and position your course and your modules to set you apart

Taking your knowledge online is the fastest way to make a bigger impact with your expertise. This program will give you everything you need to make that happen.

VALUE: $3,497.00

VALUE: $3,497.00



How To Produce your Online Live-event

Now, more than ever, people are ready to learn from home. Hosting an online live-event is a powerful way to reach people and share your content with them.   But running a digital live event can be overwhelming. 

Good news, Eric’s team has been running online events for the last 3 years and in this session they’ll share some of the mistakes they've learned from and all of the knowledge they have gained giving you a big advantage.

The most important processes our team uses for phenomenal online experiences.

How to make an online event happen from idea to execution.

How to establish your social media presence

How to set up and manage online communities

How to make sure your audience has a close to live experience (maybe even better)

Pre- and post event planning strategies and checklists.

LIVE Q&A so you can ask all your specific questions.

VALUE: $597.00



3 Months Membership in our Speaking Academy Mastermind group

As a member of this mastermind for elite speakers, you’ll get:

Being an effective communicator, storyteller and speaker will make it so much easier for you to create a product that is truly transformational for your clients.


VALUE: $741


TOTAL VALUE: $4,094.00


(YOU SAVE $597.00!)

Take Advantage of This One-Time Opportunity


February 18-22, 2021


$4,094.00 USD
Now only $3497

Save ($597.00)



If after attending and participating in the event you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund your money.


Book a free, no-obligation discovery call with Ryan from our team. Ryan has personally watched hundreds of students go through life-changing transformations at Eric’s programs and If you’re looking for honest advice to help you determine if the Product Creation Bootcamp is right for you, Ryan is your man! 

Due to recent events Ryan has been flooded with calls. His time is extremely limited so please reach out only if you are genuinely requiring help making your decision.


Your Host


Eric is an internationally recognized keynote speaker, author, and serial entrepreneur. Beyond sharing the stage with thought leaders such as Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson and former President Bill Clinton, Eric has devoted himself to creating wildly transformational programs.
Since 2014, Eric and his team have led scores of people from all over the world through his impactful programs. His top performing online course “WildFit” has helped transform the lives of over 100,000 people across more than 130 countries and its impact on the world’s population is growing exponentially.
Eric truly is driven by seeing transformations happen in his clients and that has helped him become one of those rare individuals who’s not only the master of his craft, but also a master at teaching it to others.
When it comes to teaching how to create game-changing signature programs, we can confidently say, very few people are more qualified than Eric Edmeades.

Your Host

Andrea Reindl
Andrea has been working in the digital marketing, public speaking, and book publishing industry for over a decade.
She has been working together with Eric for over 4 years and, together with her team at Legacy Creative, she has been a driving factor behind the incredible success of brands such as WildFit, Business Freedom, and Speaker Nation.
Andrea specializes in helping high performing visionaries drive their vision to the finish line and she has a track record of successfully helping companies take their products and messaging online.
She’s highly results driven and when it comes down to leveraging your expertise and packaging it in a compelling program that brings results, Andrea is the woman who can help you like few others can.


This event will be 100% online so you can join from anywhere in the world!

Eric will be talking to you via a live broadcast software and we will make sure you have everything you need long before the event starts.

As long as you have a computer with a webcam and an internet connection, you are good to go!

Because each group is different, Eric prefers to gauge the energy of the group and plan the itinerary from there. We ask that you be flexible for the optimal results.

Generally, each day will start with some open Q&A with Eric, followed by a few hours of content teaching. After that you will break out into either smaller groups or deep work exercises. Eric will end the day with deep reflections on the exercises and an open Q&A.

The moment you sign up for Product Creation Bootcamp you’ll receive a confirmation email of your purchase and all the information you need to start preparing.

You will also get a link to the Facebook group which will only be available to you and the other participants of The Product Creation Bootcamp so you can connect with each other!

As we’re moving towards the event, the Speaker Nation team will give you exciting questions to think about and potentially even some exercises you could do to be prepared even better.

This will be fun!

You will be able to join the live broadcasts with your phone. For the optimal experience, however, we do recommend positioning yourself behind a desktop / laptop with your camera on in a well lit room.

Eric has an impressive track-record of massively transformational products in a variety of industries. His program WildFit has impacted the lives of over 100,000 people in 130 countries.

Now, for the first time ever, he will reveal to you the exact frame-work he used to prepare, structure, and construct these highly successful courses. Also, in this Bootcamp, you will get focussed 1-on-1 coaching on your course ideas and structure. You will not get this level of expertise and experience anywhere else.

Replays will be available to everyone who shows up and participates in the Bootcamp. People who bought their tickets and do not show up will not receive the recordings. This way we guarantee a full experience with an engaged of participants.

Yes! Eric will be doing live Q&A several times throughout the 7-day training. You will have several opportunities to ask questions for Eric to answer.

Plan to be involved in this workshop for 7 full days, at least 8 hours per day. It's going to be an intensive and impactful 7 days so we recommend keeping the event-dates as empty as possible.

No this is no option, Eric structured this event to be a progressive learning experience with interactive exercises. It is optimised for you to experience great breakthroughs and insights. Just attending parts of the workshop would disrupt that process and the experience of others.

Yes! This bootcamp is designed to be highly interactive with exercises you can implement directly to your unique situation. The goal of this bootcamp is for you to walk away with a course outline that delivers real results for your clients.

Yes! This bootcamp will give you everything you need to get started with your online course, even if you have no technical experience whatsoever. 

You may cancel your Product Creation Bootcamp ticket as long as you provide written notice of your intention to cancel within 30 days after your original purchase. After this initial period, your ticket is non-refundable.

Rescheduling is possible for most Speaker Nation Programs as long as you provide at least 30-days written notice before the effective start date of your Speaker Nation Program.

No refunds are available within 30 days before the start of the event.

After the event, the ‘’blow your mind guarantee’’ is applicable: Attend and participate in all days of The Product Creation Program and if you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund your money.

You are attending this bootcamp to learn and to develop new skills. It is worth spending some time beforehand to think about how creating your own transformational online course will impact your life, relationships, and business. The stronger your “why” the more you will learn.


Book a free, no-obligation discovery call with Ryan from our team. Ryan has personally watched hundreds of students go through life-changing transformations at Eric’s programs and If you’re looking for honest advice to help you determine if the Product Creation Bootcamp is right for you, Ryan is your man! 

Due to recent events Ryan has been flooded with calls. His time is extremely limited so please reach out only if you are genuinely requiring help making your decision.


"If you have a chance to take any course given by Eric Edmeades, drop everything and do it! You will learn, you will be entertained, you will be transformed. Value must be his middle name, because that is what he delivers."
Angela Avery
"Eric and his team provide so many valuable tips and suggestions to help us all achieve success in public speaking. The program is easy to follow and comfortable to go at your own pace!"
Lori Moody
"Eric makes learning fun and engaging, he is a true personality! His teaching/speaking style along with the thousands (!) of stories he tells are memorable. He delivers great content with humour, wit and overall great value for your money!"
Iris Wagner
"Take this opportunity! Eric is not only a world class speaker, he also that rare gift of being able to train and share what he is doing, in a highly engaging and energising way."
Ian Webster
"Next to delivering everything as promised, and personally truly caring every single participant has gotten exactly that and more, this workshop showed me that Eric (and his team also) are sincere and truthful, trustworthy people with the biggest of heart anyone could wish to come across in life. Trust is the most underrated, often abused necessity in human co-existance and frankly, the world needs a lot more of the Eric Edmeades kind right now."
Frans Mertens
"I like Eric's energy and his authenticity. Always adding value no matter what stage of the learning process the participants are at."
Alvin Jong

Get the exact frame-work Eric used to create world-class courses, and make your business thrive online!

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5-day LIVE bootcamp with Eric Edmeades

Regular Tuition Fee: $3,497.00
Special Offer: $2997

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How to Produce your Online Events

Regular Fee: $597.00
Special Offer: FREE



3 months Membership in our speaking academy mastermind group
Value: $741 - FREE

TOTAL VALUE: $4,094.00


(YOU SAVE $597.00!)

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