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Speaking Academy

Tallinn, Estonia / Sept 27-Oct 1, 2023

Speaking Academy

Master the art of speaking and become a more confident, charismatic and inspiring communicator in just 5 days.

Unleash Your Inner Charisma and Become a Confident, Inspiring Communicator in Just 5 Days

Ready to take your life and career to the next level? Whether you’re after lucrative business deals, deeper relationships, or profound life adventures, you’re only one talk away from achieving it all.

People are drawn to charismatic leaders who can communicate their ideas effectively. And with the Speaking Academy, you’ll learn how to do just that. Over 5 days, you’ll discover how to massively improve your speaking skills and inspire any audience, at any time, in any situation.

Take a moment and imagine how your life would improve if you could:

  1. Be comfortable and confident enough to share your ideas with anyone, regardless of the time and situation.
  2. Feel fearless, inspired and in control when you’re on any kind of stage in front of any kind of audience.
  3. Express your most authentic self!!
  4. Have the tools to communicate in a way that inspires people and makes them remember you for years to come.
  5. Grow your business’ bottom line every single time you step on a stage.
  6. Be the person who always seems to know exactly what to say and how to say it in a way that just clicks.
  7. Deliver a world-class presentation on the spot without being dependent on any slides, notes, or remembered lines.

Your voice is a powerful tool, and the world needs to hear it. Don’t let fear or self-doubt hold you back from making an impact. The Speaking Academy is here to give you everything you need to unleash your full potential



''This is the Answer to Learning Public Speaking''

Peter signed up for speaking academy hoping that he and his wife could super charge their speaking abilities and leverage speaking to help grow their business. What he got was that, and so much more. Peter found the 5 days to be more than just a speaking workshop, it was a full on transformational experience!

''Speaking Tips, Plus A Whole Lot More''

Jackie came to the Speaking Academy with a simple goal: learn to speak without notes. She achieved that goal, but thanks to an important realization during the event, she left with so much more…

From Stage Fright to Speaking Tour

When Vahan came to Speaking Academy in 2018, he was far from being a professional speaker. He struggled with stage fright and wanted to develop the skills to comfortably express himself in front of an audience. Within 5 days, everything changed. On the final day of the workshop, Vahan took the stage and with the utmost confidence delivered an insightful and hilarious comedy routine that still gets talked about years later! Within days of finishing the Speaking Academy, he started promoting himself as a speaker, and just a few months later Vahan found himself off on a speaking tour in Europe!


Because each group is different, Eric prefers to gauge the energy of the group and plan the itinerary from there. We ask that you be flexible. In general, registration each day begins at 9 am. There will be stretch, snack and meal breaks throughout the day. A large part of the Speaking Academy is focused on the speaking strategy drills and team practice time, most of which happens after the event ends at 5-6 pm, and into the late evening, so please make the proper arrangements. (In some events, participants have chosen to stay and practice together until midnight).
The Speaking Academy was designed to kickstart your public speaking skills in a very short amount of time. You will be covering a wealth of knowledge and content and will have extensive hands-on training. Consider it a “speaker boot camp”.
Yes, there are a few things that you may want to bring. A journal and something to write with. A water bottle. Business cards. We also ask for you to have three possible stories in mind that you would like to share and use as the material for your talks and exercises.
Business casual for Day One through Day Four of our event. For maximum comfort, dress in layers as the room temperature may vary. On Day Five, the event will be filmed professionally, therefore, plan on dressing sharp and professional.
Yes, everyone will have a chance to speak with Eric during breaks. This event is very interactive and intimate, and you’ll have many opportunities meet Eric personally.
Plan to check out of your hotel the day after Day 5 of our event. Day 5 always goes late into the night and we dont want you to miss a moment of it. We also recommend staying an extra day to process all of the information and enjoy the beautiful scenery!
Yes, there will be breaks however they will not be scheduled. Eric is a very flexible instructor so be prepared to go with the flow. Light snacks, water, tea and coffee will be provided and feel free to bring your own snacks too.
The cancellation and refund policy for each Speaking Academy is based on the individual event that you purchase. To know more about the terms associated with your up coming Speaking Academy please email to find out more
You are coming to this event to learn and to develop new skills. And, we hope, to have fun. It is worth spending some time before you come to really think about how improving your professional and public speaking skills will impact your life, relationships, and business. The stronger your ‘why’ the more you will learn.

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October 24th to 28th

5-day live event

Tallinn, Estonia

Venue: Original Sokos Hotel Viru

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