Become a confident and captivating speaker, storyteller and communicator in just 5 days, even if you've never stepped foot on a stage.

November 6th - 10th
Tallinn, Estonia


Total Value: $15,994




PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE. Travel and accommodation not included.


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Speaking Academy is your key to unlock your natural charisma and empower you with the expert skills to share your message with the world in the most powerful, effective and unforgettable way.


This 5-day intensive training was designed for anyone who wants to learn how to use the power of their voice to inspire, impact or influence others.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the hundreds of people and professions we’ve served with our proven speaker training formula:

Coaches, Consultants, CEOs, Business Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Sales Representatives, Health Practitioners, Politicians, Authors, Actors, Podcasters, Professional Speakers and of course, Aspiring Speakers.

Our students have gone on to triple their business bottom line, deliver TedX Talks and Oxford Talks, start a podcast (and become guests on multiple podcasts), raise money for their charity, sell more products, host their own workshops, attract more clients…the list goes on.


This may seem unbelievable to you, but it’s true.  YOU ARE A SPEAKER. 

You were born with the desire to share stories and communicate our thoughts, emotions, and desires.  Ask any toddler and they’ll tell you exactly what they need!

However somewhere along the way, you learn to dim your voice and hold yourself back.  Or, you didn’t learn the skills to effectively communicate in a way that helped you reach the goal you were trying to achieve.


For over 10 years the Speaking Academy has proven that this effective 5-day process can unleash your inner storyteller and transform you into a world-class presenter.

You’ll learn the most effective strategies to become a sought after speaker while also experiencing a powerful personal shift that will inspire you to deliver passionate, engaging, effective and memorable presentations to any audience.

Niagara Falls, Toronto, Canada

June 9th - 13th, 2024

Tallinn, Estonia

November 6th - 10th, 2024

8am New York Time. Register now and receive full details.

Through a carefully crafted process that combines cutting edge information and transformational exercises, Speaking Academy will turn you into a world-class speaker. WE GUARANTEE IT.

Experience the unique formula of Eric's powerful Speaking Academy and by the end of day 5, you'll be delivering a talk that will captivate the audience and create a lasting impression.


1. Broad Spectrum Appeal
Learn how to design and deliver your talks so that no matter what topic you’re speaking on, the audience will be engaged and enthusiastic.
2. Designing Powerful Presentations
Learn Eric’s powerful speech writing formula so that you can design effective, engaging presentations that you can easily remember. You will never feel the need for notes or feel dependent upon slides.
3. Masterful Storytelling
Discover how to effortlessly deliver stories that keep your audience on the edge of their seats and inspire them to take action.
4. Maximizing Return of Effort
Learn a powerful strategy for maximizing the return of every presentation you give; create more sales, engage more followers, and attract more opportunities.
5. Get booked. And re-booked
Find out how to get booked, and rebooked, at conferences, events and private engagements so that you can become a paid speaker or increase your current fees.
6. Magnetic Attraction
Develop the skills that will empower you to deliver presentations that leave the audience wanting even more of you. Use the power of The Stage Effect to create powerful, magnetic attraction that will bring you the most outstanding opportunities.

7. Instant Engagement
Develop the skills and strategies needed to catch and keep your audience’s attention from the first moment you walk onto the stage and to keep their attention for months after your presentation is over.

8. Monetize Your Presence
Using The Stage Effect, delivering powerful and engaging presentations you will increase your income and incoming earning possibilities by raising your own market value.

International Keynote Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

Beyond sharing the stage with thought leaders such as Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson and former President Bill Clinton, Eric has devoted himself to creating wildly transformational programs.

Eric and his team have led scores of people from all over the world through his programs. His live public speaking courses consistently sell out and over the years he has helped thousands of people find their authentic voice and be confident to take the microphone anytime, anywhere.

Eric truly is driven by seeing transformations happen in his clients and that has helped him become one of those rare individuals who’s not only the master of his craft, but also a master at teaching it to others.

When it comes to teaching people the ins and outs of public speaking, we can confidently say, very few people are more qualified than Eric Edmeades.

Become the next Speaking Academy Superstar!

Be Heard. Be Seen. Be YOU.

Success Stories

''This is the Answer to Learning Public Speaking''

Peter signed up for speaking academy hoping that he and his wife could super charge their speaking abilities and leverage speaking to help grow their business. What he got was that, and so much more. Peter found the 5 days to be more than just a speaking workshop, it was a full on transformational experience!

''Speaking Tips, Plus A Whole Lot More''

Jackie was already a speaker when she came to the Speaking Academy and she had one simple goal: to learn to how to deliver a talk without memorization, using notes or slides. She achieved that goal, but thanks to an important realization during the event, she left with so much more…

From Stage Fright to Speaking Tour

When Vahan came to Speaking Academy in 2018, he was far from being a professional speaker. He struggled with stage fright and wanted to develop the skills to comfortably express himself in front of an audience. Within 5 days, everything changed. On the final day of the workshop, Vahan took the stage and with the utmost confidence delivered an insightful and hilarious comedy routine that still gets talked about years later! Within days of finishing the Speaking Academy, he started promoting himself as a speaker, and just a few months later Vahan found himself off on a speaking tour in Europe!


Along with full access to the event and five full days of transformational speaker training, your registration includes morning coffee/tea, breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Dinner is not provided.

Meal options will take into consideration most dietary requirements including WILDFIT.

Travel and accommodations are not included.

Yes. There are payment plan options. 

If you need alternative payment options, please email support@speakernation.com


Your registration must be fully paid before the event begins.

YES! If you have not improved your skills as a speaker after attending and participating in each full day of Speaking Academy, you may request a refund. FACT: We haven’t given a refund yet!
If you are eligible for bonuses, they will be activated upon completion of the event.

CANADA: Marriott Fallsview, Niagara Falls

Tallinn, Estonia -  Location to be determined

Yes, we STRONGLY encourage it. The days are long and there will be days that you stay up late with your groups practicing. Trust us, you’ll be grateful to have a room closeby.

Details on how to book your room will be provided via email.

The first 15 people who register for Niagara Falls will be given a special room rate offer at the Marriott Fallsview.

A code will be provided to you. 

Participants are responsible for booking all of their own travel and accommodations. 

There are other hotels in the area within walking distance as well.  Please ensure your accommodations are close by.

For Niagara Falls: Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ)
Buffalo Niagara Airport (BUF)

Tallinn: Tallinn, Estonia (TLL)

Plan to arrive on June 8th. We start promptly the morning of June 9th.

Plan to depart the morning of June 14th. There will be a special event on the evening of June 13th so please ensure you are available for that!

Of course, if you'd like to take in the beautiful scenery we invite you to stay an extra day (or however long you wish!)

Training hours vary however please be prepared for long days which include practice time.

You will not have much free time to explore. If you want to explore Niagara Falls or Tallinn and do some sightseeing, we recommend extending your stay or arriving earlier.

Business casual, comfortable clothes are appropriate. We suggest bringing one “special” outfit for our final evening event. NOTE: There will be opportunities to have professional photos and headshots taken, please keep that in mind when packing!
Eric will be facilitating the training each day himself. You’ll have plenty of time with him!
Although you certainly can travel with your spouse/partner/friend, we don’t recommend it. This training is intensive and you will want to be focused. You’ll also be spending time outside the training to practice with your small groups and your partner may feel neglected :)
You are coming to this event to learn, to develop new skills, meet aspiring speaker from around the world and to immerse yourself in a transformational experience. And, of course, to have some FUN! It is worth spending some time before you come to really think about how improving your professional and public speaking skills will impact your life, relationships, and business. The stronger your ‘why’ the more you will learn.

Refund Policy
By consuming Speaker Nation content, and using the Speaker Nation site you agree to abide by the Terms of Use. By abiding by the Terms, you also agree with the Refund Policy (“Policy”), which means that you cannot expect, fight for or ask for any refund other than what is written below in this clause. Even in extraneous circumstances, the only refunds that will be given will be ones that adhere to the Policy requisites below.

1.) If you are taking Speaker Nation Mastermind or Speaker Nation 365, and you want a refund you must notify the help desk before Month 7, Week 1 of the program begins. If there is no notification, or, if notification of the desired refund comes after Month 7, Week 1 has already begun, the user is no longer eligible for a refund of any kind.

2.) For an event that has elements that are not pre-recorded (a “Live Event”), the individual who had intended on attending or participating in the Live Event can only get a refund if they make that request within 30 days after the purchase date AND 30 days prior to the Live Event beginning. In this case, the later is the dominant rule. This allows for resale of the ticket. If the request is made within 30 days of the event, or after the Live Event has ended, the individual seeking the refund is no longer eligible for the refund, regardless of if the individual requested it within 30 days after purchase.

3.) For a product that is entirely pre-recorded, with no live content (a “Digital Event’), one may only get a refund on the product if they make the request within 24 hours of purchase. Otherwise, the only other way to get a refund from the purchase of a Digital Event is if the content was never received by the individual intending to take the program.

4.) For an event that does not take place online, and is a live event (‘“In Person Event”), you must notify us at least 60 days prior to the start of the first day (unless specified otherwise on any product pages) in the event you were going to attempt to cancel. If you fail to notify us prior to 60 days before the first day of the event, you will forfeit your ticket, and there will be no refund. If you do notify us prior to the 60 days, you can have your ticket transferred to another event.

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Copyright © 2024 Speaker Nation. All Rights Reserved.    Privacy Policy    Terms and Conditions

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Tallinn, Estonia

Venue: Original Sokos Hotel Viru

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