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The Speaker Nation membership offers individuals the opportunity to enhance their public speaking and communication skills to make a lasting impact. Whether aspiring to become a motivational speaker or looking to improve presentation skills for business purposes, the membership provides access to proven training materials and resources. The motivational speaking industry is growing, with significant earning potential for professional speakers. Storytelling is highlighted as a powerful tool for engaging audiences and achieving success. The membership offers various levels of support, including access to a comprehensive library of speaker training resources, participation in a practice group with weekly support calls, and a Facebook community for networking with like-minded individuals. For a limited time, individuals can join the membership for free, providing an exclusive opportunity to access the Speaker Nation Library and benefit from the resources available. Registration is encouraged to seize this valuable offer.

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One Talk Workshop


The One Talk Workshop, led by Eric Edmeades, is a live 3-day speaker training event designed to help individuals create a powerful presentation that can have a transformative impact. The workshop will take place from September 15 to 17, 2023, either in Dubai or online. Participants will learn the skills necessary to deliver inspiring speeches, land business deals, captivate audiences, and enhance their communication abilities. The workshop covers various aspects, including speech writing, time flexibility, self-confidence, content clarity, speech dynamics, inspiring storytelling, and magnetic charisma. Participants will engage in intimate group exercises, receive live coaching, and gain access to templates and resources. Eric Edmeades, a highly sought-after speaker and successful entrepreneur, will share his expertise and guide participants through the process of becoming world-class speakers. The workshop provides a valuable opportunity to invest in communication skills, which can lead to personal, financial, and professional growth. As spots are limited, individuals are encouraged to secure their spot and unlock the power of their voice by registering for the workshop.

The One Talk Workshop Includes:

Create The One Presentation That Changes Everything

Speaking Academy

Unleash Your Inner Charisma and Become a
Confident, Inspiring Communicator in Just 5 Days

The Speaking Academy, taking place in Tallinn, Estonia from September 27th to October 1st, 2023, offers participants the opportunity to unleash their inner charisma and become confident and inspiring communicators in just 5 days. By attending the academy, individuals can improve their speaking skills and connect with any audience in any situation. The academy aims to enhance self-confidence, clear communication, stage presence, inspiring storytelling, and magnetic charisma. Success stories from previous participants highlight the transformative nature of the academy, with individuals experiencing personal and professional growth in their speaking abilities. The academy provides the tools and techniques necessary to deliver world-class presentations and communicate without dependence on slides, notes, or remembered lines. By registering for the Speaking Academy, individuals can unlock their full potential and make a lasting impact.

What you will learn:

Become a Confident, Inspiring Communicator in Just 5 Days

Estonia Resident Special Offer

Are you an Estonia resident or hold an e-resident Visa? We have an exclusive deal just for you. Use the promo code RESIDENT during checkout, and you’ll receive an incredible 40% discount on the Speaking Academy. This means you can join this transformative event for only $7198.

The Speaking Academy is your opportunity to unleash your inner charisma and become a confident, inspiring communicator. Over the course of 5 days, you’ll learn from renowned experts, engage in immersive training, and receive personalized coaching to develop your speaking skills to their fullest potential.

By taking advantage of this special offer, you’ll save 40% OFF the regular price and gain access to the same high-quality training that has empowered countless individuals to become captivating speakers.

Don’t miss this chance to elevate your speaking abilities and make a lasting impact. Use the promo code RESIDENT now and secure your spot at the Speaking Academy for the exclusive price of $7198. Act fast, as this offer won’t last forever!

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