Speaker Nation’s Speaking Academy

Become a Master Speaker and Story-Teller in 5 days: Deliver Authentic and Unfortgettble Presentations to Any Audience.

Join Eric Edmeades who famously overcame his own fears of public speaking and has now spoken in over 25 countries and shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Sir Ricahrd Branson, President Bill Clinton and countless others.

If you have ever felt like you have more to share but felt held back then Speaker Nation’s Speaking Academy is perfect for you.
Speaking Academy is the key to unlocking your natural charisma and empowering you with the skills required to share your message with the world in the most powerful, effective and unforgettable way.
Public speaking has, throughout history and even more so today, been shown as the most powerful form of influence and studies show that public speaking skills correlate powerfully with career advancement and success in business.

People often feel held back from raising their hand, sharing their ideas, or speaking up because they feel nervous about public speaking or feel that they don’t have the ‘natural talent.’

Speaking Academy changes all of that. Eric Edmeades, in overcoming his own terrible fear of public speaking discovered something powerful and almost unbelievable:

Everyone is a natural born speaker.

This may seem fantastic but it is true and for over 10 years the Speaking Academy has shown that Eric’s effective 5-day process can unlease your inner story-teller and transform you into a world-class presenter.

Join Eric for a five-day process of learning and transformation wherein you will learn the most powerful strategies for becoming a sought after speaker while also experiencing a powerful personal shift that will free you to deliver powerful, engaging, effective and memorable presentations to any audience.

A proven process to transform you into a world-class speaker in just 5 days delivered by the world’s very best speaking coach.

Eric will guide you through a carefully crafted process that combines cutting edge information and powerfully transformative exercises that will turn you into a world-class speaker and speech writer.

Spend just 5 days with Eric. Witness and experience the power of his powerful Speaking Academy and soon you will be delivering talks – for cameras and audiences – that will magnetize the audience and create lasting attraction.

During your time with Eric you will discover, learn and develop powerful skills and strategies including:

1. Broad Spectrum Appeal
Learn how to design and deliver your talks so that no matter what topic you’re speaking on, the audience will be engaged and enthusiastic.
2. Designing Powerful Presentations
Learn Eric’s powerful speech writing formula so that you can design effective, engaging presentations that you can easily remember. You will never feel the need for notes or feel dependent upon slides.
3. Masterful Storytelling
Discover how to effortlessly deliver stories that keep your audience on the edge of their seats and inspire them to take action.
4. Maximizing Return of Effort
Learn a powerful strategy for maximizing the return of every presentation you give; create more sales, engage more followers, and attract more opportunities.
5. Get booked. And re-booked
Find out how to get booked, and rebooked, at conferences, events and private engagements so that you can become a paid speaker or increase your current fees.
6. Magnetic Attraction
Develop the skills that will empower you to deliver presentations that leave the audience wanting even more of you. Use the power of The Stage Effect to create powerful, magnetic attraction that will bring you the most outstanding opportunities.
7. Instant Engatement
Develop the skills and strategies needed to catch and keep your audience’s attention from the first moment you walk onto the stage and to keep their attention for months after your presentation is over.
8. Monetize Your Presence
Using The Stage Effect, delivering powerful and engaging presentations you will increase your income and incoming earning possibilities by raising your own market value.

Eric’s Transformation Process

In just 5 days you will be astounded by the transformation
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