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Successful Speaking Strategies

The ultimate foundation to mastering one of
the most powerful forms of influence today

It’s no secret that people are naturally attracted to charismatic leaders with great ideas and a vision for the future.

But it’s not just their ideas that attracts us to them — it’s their ability to communicate effectively.

Imagine possessing a skillset so powerful it can single handedly help set you apart from the competition, form a lasting impression, make an impact, close those lucrative business deals, create more meaningful relationships at home and at work, and so much more…

It’s all possible by improving your public speaking skills.

That’s why we created the Successful Speaking Strategies program. To help you discover the power of your voice, get over any stage fright and get your message across in a way that both captivates and inspires people, so everything you desire becomes possible. 

Because it is possible. And Successful Speaking Strategies will help you realize that.

Inside Successful Speaking Strategies You Will Discover:

This video-based online program will help you create the highest level of attraction and influence during any kind of presentation.

With over 5 hours of comprehensive video training, supplemented by practical workbooks, you will discover the most important speaking strategies you need to improve your communication skills.

VALUE: $597.00


Most of us have been raised to believe
speaking up and standing out is scary or wrong.

It’s very likely you, too, have been brought up with people telling you to keep quiet. Telling you that if you’re not a person of authority, if you don’t have the “proper” credentials, or if you haven’t graduated from the right school, your voice doesn’t deserve to be heard and it’s safer not to stand out.

This type of environment sadly makes you too shy to speak up, too scared to voice your opinion or too hesitant to share your life lessons. 

It’s no surprise you might have a hard time putting yourself and your voice out there. 

You’re not alone.

We’ve been made to believe that
“some have it and others don’t.”

Have you ever watched master speakers like Anthony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, or Brené Brown, and caught yourself saying “I wish I could be that good”? (With a subtle “but I can’t” following up…)

If you have, it’s likely because old patterns are keeping you small, telling you to be quiet and listen to the “grown-ups” on the stage.

We’re here to tell you, the best speakers and presenters on the planet were NOT born that way. 

They’ve taught themselves the foundations of communication and invested in their skills.

If you’ve ever wished you could achieve more in life, or you have the feeling of not being good enough, not being heard, or not having the impact you feel you could… Chances are the solution to changing the way your future looks lies in your communication. 

And the only one keeping you from improving your speaking skills is you.

It’s time to speak up and be heard!

Public speaking is a skill you can learn, and if learned well, it has the power to change your life for the better.

Eric Edmeades is proof of that. He started out deathly afraid of public speaking, but consistently confronted himself with that fear and has now shared stages with Anthony Robbins, President Bill Clinton, Robert Kiyosaki, Jay Shetty and other world-class speakers.

Over the last decade he has influenced millions of people through his viral videos and impactful public presentations.

In this program, Successful Speaking Strategies, Eric clearly and simply lays out all founding principles that helped him go through his transformation, so you too can overcome stage fright, discover your voice and start impacting thousands of people with your message.

Everything you desire is on the other side of communication, and his program will help you get it.

Are you ready to make a true impact with your voice?

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Successful Speaking Strategies

$597.00 USD
Now only $97



If you’ve gone through the program fully, but you’re not satisfied, we will refund your money.

You want to become a more effective communicator, a captivating storyteller, and a top-tier public speaker

Your fear of public speaking is holding you back and you’re ready to control and overcome it with confidence and pride

You long to feel comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people, whether it’s from a stage or in a crowd

You know you’re destined to make a bigger impact on the people you reach, but just aren’t sure how

You’re looking to become more valuable in the marketplace

You want to promote your products or services more successfully so you can relax and enjoy more of what life has to offer

You feel you’re experienced with public speaking, but know there’s always room for improvement to perfect your skill

You want to be able to give a speech at a moment's notice without notes or slides and make it look easy


…Successful Speaking Strategies is for you.


Meet Your Speaking Mentor

Eric is an internationally recognized keynote speaker, author, and serial entrepreneur. Beyond sharing the stage with thought leaders such as Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson and former President Bill Clinton, Eric has devoted himself to creating wildly transformational programs. Eric and his team have led scores of people from all over the world through his programs. His live public speaking courses consistently sell out and over the years he has helped thousands of people find their authentic voice and be confident to take the microphone anytime, anywhere. Eric truly is driven by seeing transformations happen in his clients and that has helped him become one of those rare individuals who’s not only the master of his craft, but also a master at teaching it to others. When it comes to teaching people the ins and outs of public speaking, we can confidently say, very few people are more qualified than Eric Edmeades.


"If you have a chance to take any course given by Eric Edmeades, drop everything and do it! You will learn, you will be entertained, you will be transformed. Value must be his middle name, because that is what he delivers."
Angela Avery
"Take this opportunity! Eric is not only a world class speaker, he also that rare gift of being able to train and share what he is doing, in a highly engaging and energising way."
Ian Webster
"Eric makes learning fun and engaging, he is a true personality! His teaching/speaking style along with the thousands (!) of stories he tells are memorable. He delivers great content with humour, wit and overall great value for your money!"
Iris Wagner

Program Curriculum

Investing in your communication skills might be one of the best investments you could ever make.

Eric has spent over a decade of stage time honing his specialized speaking craft. He learned it and curated it all into one easy-to-learn online program so you can change the outlook of the rest of your days, simply by changing your communication skills.

Why waste time, money and resources on trying to do it on your own, when you can learn it from one of the best and bypass years of awkward situations and costly mistakes that could hold you back from getting your message out there...

All for the small price of a dinner.

The only regret that might come up after this program is that you wished you started it earlier.

Successful Speaking Strategies

$597.00 USD
Now only $97



If you’ve gone through the program fully, but you’re not satisfied, we will refund your money.

Here's What Will Happen When You Sign up:


Though we do encourage you to focus on the program and get through it in a reasonable amount of time so the information stays fresh, there is no timeframe to worry about. You can watch, re-watch and rewind every video as many times as you want to.

As soon as you register, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your personalized login information. Once you plug that into the login page, you can start right away! It’s that easy.

Yes, you will be able to watch the videos on your phone. To get the best experience watching the videos, we do recommend you watch it on a desktop

Successful Speaking Strategies is led by someone who has truly lived at the pinnacle of what public speaking has to offer, Eric Edmeades.

He has spoken in over 25 countries, in stadiums, conference rooms, small mastermind groups, both online and offline. You name the speaking situation and chances are, Eric has experienced it.

This means the modules you’ll find in this program aren’t the standard tips you’d get at your local speaking club. These foundations are the result of over 10,000 hours of experience.

You will have lifetime access to all of the content in Speaking Foundations so you can revisit, rewatch, and rewind the videos and workbooks whenever you want!

This depends on how much you'd like to get out of the program.

Altogether, this program has about 5 hours of in-depth speaking training. But if you're committed to getting real results, we encourage you to rewatch the videos after you implemented Eric's advice.

Absolutely, whether you’re an entrepreneur, in the corporate world, a philanthropist, or you’re an employee in a small firm. Your goals will become easier to accomplish if you can captivate and inspire the people around you.

Yes! This bootcamp is designed to be highly interactive with exercises you can implement directly to your unique situation. The goal of this bootcamp is for you to walk away with a course outline that delivers real results for your clients.

Yes! We made sure it's incredibly easy to watch the videos, download the workbooks and navigate through the program.

If you've gone through the program fully, and you did the exercises in the workbooks, but you're not satisfied, we will refund your money.

Yes! Speaking Foundations started as a live event where Eric would share his content from a stage. This was until he figured he could make a bigger impact if he made it available online. We’ve seen hundreds of happy members stick with Speaking Foundations for years with great success.

We believe public speaking truly is one of the most powerful forms of influence available today and that everyone should have the right to learn about it, yet we were never taught the basics of it. So to give more people a chance to master this incredible life skill, we reduced the price from nearly $600 to only $97. It’s that simple. :)

Successful Speaking Strategies

$597.00 USD
Now only $97

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