The ultimate framework for telling stories that sell your product so they fly off the shelves…

Unlock your business’s revenue potential by telling irresistible stories that sell your product or services like wildfire!

The Tell to Sell Workshop

August 16-17, 2022 - 90 min per day

Finally… From one of the world’s best storytellers… Join Eric Edmeades as he for the first time ever shares his formula for telling stories that actually sell.
Become a world class storyteller while still growing your business. Join this special event by Eric Edmeades to learn the formula

Since the beginning of time, human beings have been captivated by stories…

Stories are our favorite way to learn just about anything.

They create unforgettable connections and lasting impressions but also create a unique sales experience that moves the audience to take action!

Whether it’s sharing a personal transformation experience, selling products or services, raising money for your favorite non-profit, or leading a team around a boardroom table, you’re telling a story.

So, how do they do it? How do professional speakers make it seem so easy, so natural, so…effortless?

How do they confidently step onto a stage without being paralyzed with fear?

It’s simple.

Becoming a powerful speaker starts with learning how to become a powerful storyteller.

You don’t need to be an extrovert or a “natural entertainer” to establish influence and inspire an audience.

What you do need is a passion to tell the unique story that only you can tell.

Speaking is a skill that anyone can learn.

Tell to Sell was created to give aspiring and established speakers like you the tools you need to share your story with the world while also creating a revenue stream.

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Preview this Masterclass:

You’ll uncover:

By the end of this masterclass you’ll walk away with:

After analyzing more than 10,000 responses, we found that 55% of people find stories more persuasive than facts and data, while 45% think data is more persuasive.

Meet your world-class speaking mentor:

Eric Edmeades has not only lived at the pinnacle of what successful public speaking has to offer, he is also one of those rare people who knows how to teach his skills and transfer them to almost anyone.

After systematically eliminating his fear of public speaking, Eric has become a highly sought-after main stage speaker, with over 10,000 hours of stage time, Eric has gone on to share the stage with such world-class speakers as Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, President Bill Clinton, and Robert Kiyosaki.

All of Eric’s teachings are based on his incredibly rich experience as a successful public speaker.

Eric is proof that everything you desire really is on the other side of communication. Once you discover the power of your voice, you will find a world of opportunities open up to you in ways you never imagined.

as seen on:

A true testament to his word…

“Eric is an insightful mentor and powerful presenter.”

Whether working with him one-on-one or in his audience, you feel touched and compelled to action.

Cathy Lee Crosby

Best-selling author of LET THE MAGIC BEGIN, movie and television star and former top-ten ranked professional tennis player.

“Wow! This was the BEST Investment of my time and money I could have ever imagined.”

Eric was responsive, personal, and professional. I can’t speak highly enough of him. As someone who has done a fair amount of courses, he really went above and beyond. Will certainly work with him again.

Shawn Moore

Speaker training participant

“I highly value the teachings of Eric and his personal energy.”

This is the real deal – really deep stuff packaged in a light effective way.

Duaa Al Musaad

Speaker Training Participant

“I always had a horrendous fear of public speaking. With the speech map, I started enjoying the plan.”

This program worked magic on my fear of public speaking and showed me I do have stories. And the more I practiced my stories, the more I saw the value from my stories. I don’t worry so much about providing detailed and rare value every time I need to prepare a speech.
I can’t wait to join your academy in July.

Thanks Eric!

Sammy Oh

Speaker Training Participant

“Eric delivered exactly what he said he would do!”

Today was awesome! I feel confident and I received exactly what I needed to learn. Eric is an awesome teacher and mentor! Plus I can just be me!

Fern Ray

Speaker Training Participant

“Eric’s programs are an incredibly effective way to learn how to be an engaging speaker.”

Every moment of it was engaging, and I learned so much at a level that I can immediately apply to be a better speaker and craft engaging talks.

Lalita Shree

Speaker Training Participant

Become a world class storyteller while still growing your business
Join this special event by Eric Edmeades to learn the formula
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