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The Stage Effect
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How to balance confidence and humility on stage

Get your audience to trust you so you can establish a strong connection with them.

The power of setting strategic outcomes

Deliver your message in a more confident manner, and ensure you get what you want out of your talk.

How to make your speech sound attractive

Get your audience on the edge of their seats and leave a lasting impression.

How to use emotions in your presentation

Make the audience feel like they’re a part of your story and help them remember your talk for years to come.

How to use your body language

Add energy to your talk and amplify your message by using more than just your words to keep your audience engaged.


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Meet Your Speaking Mentor
Eric Edmeades

Speaker Nation founder Eric Edmeades was once so terrified of public speaking that he could hardly eat for days before giving a talk.

After systematically overcoming his fear of public speaking, Eric has become an internationally recognized keynote speaker, author, and serial entrepreneur. Beyond sharing the stage with thought leaders such as Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson and former President Bill Clinton, Eric has devoted himself to creating wildly transformational programs.

By using his own life experiences and proven tools that have been tried and tested from stage, Eric created The Stage Effect mini guide where he breaks down the lesser known steps speakers should learn to immediately and massively increase their levels of influence, attraction and income.

Over the years, Eric has helped thousands of people find their authentic voice and be confident enough to take the microphone anytime, anywhere. With The Stage Effect, Eric’s hope is to guide speakers through the key components that lie behind effective public speaking so their message can continue to inspire once they’re off the stage.

When it comes to teaching people the ins and outs of public speaking, we can confidently say, very few people are more qualified than Eric Edmeades.


"If you have a chance to take any course given by Eric Edmeades, drop everything and do it! You will learn, you will be entertained, you will be transformed. Value must be his middle name, because that is what he delivers."
Angela Avery
"Eric and his team provide so many valuable tips and suggestions to help us all achieve success in public speaking. The program is easy to follow and comfortable to go at your own pace!"
Lori Moody
"Eric makes learning fun and engaging, he is a true personality! His teaching/speaking style along with the thousands (!) of stories he tells are memorable. He delivers great content with humour, wit and overall great value for your money!"
Iris Wagner
"Take this opportunity! Eric is not only a world class speaker, he also that rare gift of being able to train and share what he is doing, in a highly engaging and energising way."
Ian Webster
"Next to delivering everything as promised, and personally truly caring every single participant has gotten exactly that and more, this workshop showed me that Eric (and his team also) are sincere and truthful, trustworthy people with the biggest of heart anyone could wish to come across in life. Trust is the most underrated, often abused necessity in human co-existance and frankly, the world needs a lot more of the Eric Edmeades kind right now."
Frans Mertens
"I like Eric's energy and his authenticity. Always adding value no matter what stage of the learning process the participants are at."
Alvin Jong


Public speaking is one of the world’s most powerful skills to master. Billionaire Warren Buffet has even claimed that public speaking as a skill is so important it has the potential to raise your professional value by at least 50%.

At least 50%.

By letting The Stage Effect work for you, you open yourself to possibilities and opportunities you never knew existed.

People are drawn to, want to follow, spend time with, and do business with great speakers. This mini-guide is developed to help you realise how you can use The Stage Effect  to create massive attraction for yourself, your product and/or your service.

Download your FREE copy of The Stage Effect mini guide

This powerful mini guide will help you use the power of The Stage Effect to increase your level of influence, attraction, and profitability.

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