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5 Ways You Can Take Your (Speaking) Business Online

For the last few years, businesses all over the world have been moving towards online communication, remote work. 
With improvements in online conferencing technology and faster, more reliable internet widely available around the world, it is easier than ever to connect.

While there is no question that the event-industry has been disrupted by the shift from in person events to online events, the reality is there is actually a huge opportunity for speakers and field experts because of this. Thanks to the virtual communication revolution, you can reach audiences from all over the world without event having to leave your home! It saves money, time, reduces your carbon footprint, and makes sharing your knowledge more accessible! Think also about how much easier it is for your audience to block out a few hours in their calendar to join you event versus having to book an entire day.

Over the last few years, the Speaker Nation team has hosted countless successful online workshops, masterclasses and webinars. All  membership programs we’ve created have been fueled by the power of online conference calls and have been accelerated by the power of social media. We like to think many of the people we work with have been ahead of the curve in online communication, and we have some valuable insights to share with you.

NOW is the time to share your knowledge and take it online, we wanted to offer you a few tips that will help you take advantage of the opportunities that are available as businesses make the transition into the digital world. Here are 5 great ways to make the most out of online opportunities that are available to you



You are the expert in your field and you have something of value to share with the world. So why not create and host a Facebook group around it? 

The key to being heard in the online is to get your audience away from the noise and into your own topic-focussed environment.

There are business leaders, coaches, consultants, and speakers who run private Facebook groups with thousands of highly engaged members—this gives them a group of people who are eager to buy anytime they have something to sell. 

More importantly, having an engaged Facebook group provides you with a raving fan base that is eager to see you succeed and help support your efforts. The ability to form and be part of online communities is crucial to success in the modern business world.



These days it is not uncommon to see thought leaders and field experts hosting amazing multi-speaker events completely online. 

There was one the other day that included Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and several other big-name speakers! Look around at online communities that are related to your niche and find out if anyone is hosting an online summit, they are often thrilled to have new speakers approach them and they’re the perfect way for you to spread your message to potentially thousands.

The other great thing is that online summits can easily be recorded without a camera crew. If you’re doing a great job delivering your signature talk— The one successful presentation that is unique to you— your recording could get millions of views over time.

Can’t find an online summit to speak at? Create your own! With modern virtual conferencing technology you can be hosting your own events online with just your laptop and your speaking skills!



Just like virtual conferencing, podcasts are a great way to effectively get your message out to thousands of people or more. They can be easily recorded from anywhere in the world over the internet and thanks to improvements in podcasting technology there are podcasts that deal with any niche you could possibly imagine.

On top of that, podcast owners are constantly looking for new material. If you have something valuable to share, chances are there are hundreds of podcasts you could be featured on.



We’re not talking about your typical online course with video series or modules for people to look at on their own time. 

We’re talking about real, live, interactive online training. Since the beginning of the transition from in person business to online, we’ve seen entrepreneurs in all sorts of industries come up with creative ways to deliver their messages online.

Some fitness trainers are even doing virtual training programs for clients to do in their own living room, how great is that? If corporate training is part of your business, consider putting together an online version of the same training to pitch to corporations.  Chances are they would jump at the opportunity to train employees from multiple offices all at once with no travel costs.



These days we are all walking around with the ability to live broadcast to the world right in our pockets. With the click of a button you can be live and speaking to your audience from anywhere in the world. Take advantage of this opportunity to check in with your audience regularly, and to deliver them small doses of great content on a regular basis. 

Social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and soon also LinkedIN prefer you going live and will notify everyone in your group about your message. That’s FREE organic engagement for you!

With the isolation that comes with working from home, people are craving regular human contact. Seeing your face and hearing your voice will provide that connection to many of your followers. The business game is not about building a client base. It’s about building a life-long raving fan base, and the way to do that is by delivering them great content on a regular basis, and live-streaming video is a fantastic way to do that.



In times of change, it’s very natural for people to fall into fight or flight mode. You see people behave in an “all for themselves” mentality, which automatically makes them think about short terms gains instead of  long term growth. Many business owners get scared and stop promoting themselves. They contract and think about saving themselves instead of making an impact. It’s so easy to fall into that trap, and we want to encourage you NOT to do that. 

While other people freeze and panic, the best thing you can do is stay calm and keep moving forward. Put your thoughts out there. Start thinking about how to SERVE others and adapt to change.


There has never been a more important time to get your message out to the world, to tell your story, and to give reassurance to those who look up to you. People are looking for leaders to follow and learning to be super effective at communicating your message online is a fantastic way to become that leader and market your business.

To help you on your way, there’s one specific tool that will help you dramatically in your online communication. 
You see, the problem with the internet is that it’s a free market. Everyone can post whatever they like and the result is an endless stream of distractions and cat videos.

So how do you cut through the online clutter and get your message across to the right people?

The answer is simple, you make your message crystal clear and deliver it consistently with excellence.

In other words, you develop your successful signature talk.

If you can get your message across with clarity and conviction in times of change, you automatically attract people and opportunities.

This is why we like to invite you to the free masterclass: ”5 Steps to Creating Your Successful Signature Talk”. In this masterclass, World-class public speaker Eric Edmeades will walk you through the exact steps he uses to create a compelling talk that makes an impact on his audience every single time he delivers it.

Knowing this frame-work will drastically improve your presentation skills (Online and Offline) and will instantly give you an edge over your competition. And it’s completely free.

Thank you for reading this blog, please let us know if you have any burning questions or comments you want to share!
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– The Speaker Nation Team.

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