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How to Be Heard in a Noisy World

It’s never been easier to get your message out to the world. With the click of a button you can broadcast yourself live from anywhere with an internet connection! And with a bit of planning, you can have people join you from all over the world on a video conference. It is an incredible time for people who have a message to share.

With this ability to cheaply and easily broadcast one’s message to the world has come a problem: millions of messages are being spread by thousands of different people at the same time. The world has become a very noisy place. So how do you make sure your message stands out?

Here are 8 simple tips you can use to make your message stand out and be heard among the noise:


Be Yourself

A lot of the noise in the world is being generated by people who are trying to be someone they’re not. Coaches and trainers are teaching principles they themselves don’t practice; business gurus are trying to build their first successful business by teaching you how to build a successful business; and there are speaker trainers out there who aren’t well-trained speakers themselves. Don’t be one of those people. If you want to stand out, the number one secret is to just be you. Speak from your own experiences, express your own unique perspective, stick to your own ideals and you will stand out from the crowd and your message will get noticed by the people it resonates with.


Be Clear

Have you ever come across online “influencers” or “thought leaders” who create a lot of content, but you can’t really figure out exactly what they are trying to tell you? Many content creators get super excited and want to share all kinds of value with their audience so they end up putting content out on a whole bunch of different topics. And while it’s a great way to deliver a huge amount of value to your audience, you have to make sure you are very clear about your core message throughout all your content so your audience can understand who you are and the message you are trying to share. 

It is much more effective to have a so-called signature talk and go really deep to become known as the go-to expert on a specific topic than trying to be everything to everyone. Having clarity and certainty about the message you are trying to communicate will help you stand out from all the noise online.

There are 5 key steps to creating a successful signature talk. It’s out of the scope of this blog to go through them, but if you want to know the exact framework of a successful signature talk, feel free to watch this free masterclass for a step-by-step explanation by Eric Edmeades.


Tell Stories

At some point, it seems, someone got the idea that to get your message across you had to share as much information and as many facts as you could with your audience. Tons of the noise in the world is made up of speakers who spew fact after fact that their audience never remembers because they are too bored! Have you ever been on a webinar where someone just sits there and reads information off slides? Not a good way to get noticed. If you want to stand out and get your message heard you need to be a storyteller. Stories are the programming language of the human mind. For thousands of years before written language existed, stories were the primary way to share information. 

See, emotions are the glue that makes memories stick, and well-told stories invoke emotion from your audience. If you can weave your information into great storytelling, not only will you keep your audience’s attention, they will REMEMBER your message.


Practice All The Time

Speaking is like any other skill; the more you do it the better you become. Have you ever been watching a video, or dialled in to an online conference and seen a really bad presenter, the kind of person who seems to have no idea what they are doing? It’s painful to watch and it’s almost impossible to pay attention to what they are saying.  These are the kind of speakers whose message gets lost in all the noise. To really stand out you have to practice. A LOT! Make a habit of telling stories around the dinner table. Tell stories to your kids at night. Tell stories to your friends. 

Develop your storytelling abilities so any time there is an opportunity for you to speak and share your message you are ready to go and be totally polished. By practicing as often as you can, you become the kind of speaker people WANT to listen to, and you can speak in a way that commands attention and gets your message heard.


Give Away Your Best Stuff

The old model of speaking to sell doesn’t work anymore. It used to be that speakers would give a free talk about all the great things they could teach you without really teaching you very much. The theory was that if they give away too much no one will need to buy their product. A significant amount of noise in the world is made up of people like that. If you want to stand out you need to be a person of value. Your audience needs to see that it is worth their time to listen to you and hear your message. By giving away your best stuff, you prove to your audience that what you have to say is valuable. 

You show them investing their time and mental bandwidth to pay attention to your message will give them great returns. Build trust, prove your value and create a fanbase that will not only buy your products, but enthusiastically promote you to their networks and help you get noticed. The more people who follow you and talk about you the more you stand out in the noise.


BE Consistent

If you really want to get your message out to the right people you have to show up consistently.  The speakers who show up and do a podcast, webinar or talk and then disappear for a while before doing another are the ones who get lost in all the noise.  When you show up consistently week after week people have many opportunities to notice you and they get to know who you are and what your message is. This is how you get noticed and build a fanbase that will help you get your message out to even more people.  Find ways to consistently be showing up for your audience like weekly facebook lives, a weekly podcast, regular social media posts. The more consistently you show up and deliver a clear and specific message the more you will be heard.


Engage With Your Audience

Speakers who just give their talk and disappear are missing out on a massive opportunity. Taking the time to engage with your audience makes them feel important, and people remember how you made them feel. You can engage your audience in a number of ways: Q&A sessions, ask them questions, if you are in a webinar have them engage in the chat section, if it’s a live event come early and stay late to talk to the participants, show up in their facebook groups and interact with them. Get creative with how you do it and let your personality show through in your audience engagement.


Be Enthusiastic

One key to capturing people’s attention is to be enthusiastic. Have you ever heard a professor give a lecture about something that seemed to completely bore them? Painful, right? It’s very difficult to care about what someone has to say if they aren’t even excited to say it. If you want your message to get noticed, you have to be passionate about it! You have to tell your stories with the enthusiasm of a 10-year-old telling their parents about their latest adventures. You have to let the world know you are excited about what you have to say so other people can get excited about what you are saying. 

Think of the pitchmen who used to present on late-night infomercials. They could sell fancy towels and laundry detergent for 4X the price on FAKE enthusiasm. Imagine how powerful your authentic enthusiasm is. If you are excited about your message, it will show. The energy will come through in your presentations. You will stand out and your message will be remembered.

Consider the 8 points above as you approach public speaking and you will surely stand out. Get excited about your message. Deliver it passionately with integrity, clarity, certainty and consistency and you will never have to worry about blending in with all the noise. Most important of all, remember to be patient and be consistent. It takes time to get noticed. It takes effort to stand out. But you just never know when you are going to give the one talk that will completely change your world.

It might seem overwhelming to implement all points at once, but there’s a trick to it. By far, the easiest and most effective way for you to implement all points above, is by having a signature talk. One talk that’s unique to you and that you can deliver so incredibly well that people simply can’t help but to notice you.

If you do it well, one talk is really all you need to break through and there are 5 key steps to get it right. If you want to discover the exact framework of a successful signature talk, make sure to click the button below sign up for the free masterclass.

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