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Interesting Problems Call for Creative Solutions. What’s Yours?

It’s no secret that the world is dealing with some very interesting times right now. Over the last few months the speaking world has been absolutely rocked by event cancellations, travel restrictions and all kinds of other disruptions.  Speakers everywhere are worrying about the future of their careers. Perhaps you feel the same. But is that the right reaction?

At Speaker Nation, we don’t think so. We believe that in times of uncertainty, speakers have a unique and important role to play. In times of uncertainty and chaos people turn their attention to the people they look up to, and if you have been speaking for any length of time at all, right now your audience is looking to you for reassurance. But how can you be reassuring, when you, like so many others, are feeling uncertain about the future?

Here’s the thing. You can choose to focus on the chaos, the uncertainty and the fear; you can concentrate on what you CAN’T control. Or, like many businesses and individuals right now, you can concentrate on what you CAN control and take steps to not only survive but prosper during these turbulent times. Tony Robbins is famous for saying “Energy flows where attention goes.” Knowing that, where would you prefer to put your energy?

So let’s look at the reality of what is going on in the speaking industry right now. Events are being indefinitely postponed or altogether cancelled, countries are closing their borders, travel bans are being enacted, group gatherings are being restricted, and people are isolating themselves to avoid possible contact. For the safety and health of the world’s population these are very good things, but for a professional speaker these pose problemstravelling and speaking at live events is not an option for the time being. For most speakers that is their primary bread-and-butter work; that’s how they make their money.

Here’s how we did it at Speaker Nation:

Like most other companies, Speaker Nation HQ was faced with a significant challenge: what happens if we have to cancel our Speaking Academy live events? Were we going to let that get in the way of our mission to help people leverage the power of public speaking to express themselves and get their message heard? NO! We had to brainstorm ideas, and fast. Conversations were had, lists were made, ideas were shared; and out of the process came the most obvious solution: we had to take our content delivery online. 

How do we know
our new idea works?

The first One Talk Workshop was SOLD OUT within 4 days! The demand was so high, we had to set up an extra workshop!

See, over the coming weeks, months and maybe longer, people are going to be spending a lot more time in their homes. Their screens will become their window to the outside world and people will want something to keep them occupied and keep their brains engaged as they wait to find out what will happen next. Now is your opportunity to look at the problems you may be facing, and instead of focusing on the things you can’t control, start looking for the hidden opportunities that you may have overlooked before.

The most important thing to remember is that now is not the time for panic, now is not the time to give up and fade into obscurity. Now is the time to step up to the challenge, to face the fear head on, and get creative about searching out solutions to new and ever-changing challenges we face in the speaking industry. 

Times of crisis bring out the most resourceful ideas and opportunities. As long as you stay open to new ideas and work with what you DO have instead of worrying about what you DON’T have, you will find a way!

We want you to know that now, more than ever before, Speaker Nation is here to support you and help you succeed. There has never been a more important time to Be Heard, Be Seen and Be You.

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